How lockdown can help improve your driving knowledge


We currently find ourselves in a peculiar situation where what we consider to be normal everyday life has been put on pause, whilst the world comes to terms with the effects covid-19. Never could we have imagined that shops, restaurants and places of work would be told to close and people around the world would be told to stay indoors and minimize close contact with family and friends for the foreseeable future.

Unless you’re classed as a key worker and allowed to continue as normal or you’re fortunate enough to be able to work from home, then it’s highly likely you’ll be finding yourself with a lot of time on your hands. Whether you’ve turned your hand to decorating and DIY tasks or trying to improve your cookery skills, there’s only a certain amount of time your to do list will last for.

One thing many people will have found is that they have only spent minimal time in their cars or other motor vehicles, if any time at all. As restrictions are now being eased and more cars are back on the roads, it can leave some people feeling nervous to get back behind the wheel. If this applies to you, then lockdown can be the perfect time to regain your driving confidence and refresh your memory.

Familiarise yourself with warning lights

Depending on how long you’ve been driving for, it’s more than likely a warning light will have appeared on your vehicle’s dashboard; but on how many occasions have you been unable to identify exactly what it means? By taking LeaseCar UK’s warning lights test, you can see just how well you know some of the most common warning lights and if your results indicate you could do with refreshing your memory, this spare time on your hands is the perfect opportunity.

Retake a mock theory driving test

You may have passed your driving test a long time ago, but the rules of the road change often, which can leave you on the back foot. It’s a good idea to search for mock theory tests online and see how well you would do if you were learning to drive in today’s world. If you find you’re struggling in specific areas, then use this time to brush up on your knowledge and build your confidence for when you get back behind the wheel.

Being stuck inside your home for long periods of time doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. It’s the perfect opportunity to not only get odd jobs done around the home, but to also improve your skills and prepare you for when some form of normality resumes. If you haven’t been in your vehicle for some time now, then using this time to your advantage will re-instill some confidence in you for when the time comes to drive again.

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