How Hail Damages are Repaired


Hailstorms can cause severe damages to vehicle within a few seconds. Things can go even worse if your car gets exposed throughout the entire time of this extreme weather condition. Hailstorms are seen affecting the car surface in many ways. It can create small to big sized ice spherical dents on the car body, while severe damages from hailstorms include windshield cracking as well as roof damage.

Hail damages can lead to serious internal damages too, if not dealt with in time. Any car that has suffered from hail damages can see its body sides getting ugly scratches and dents, sometimes peeling off the paint, exposing the inside metal, making it susceptible to rust. A group of technicians from Hayden Hail damage repair center where gave us a few hints that we felt worth sharing.

How Hail Damages are Repaired

When you finally take your hail damaged car to an Auto Body Shop, there they will treat the hail damages following a strict methodology. They will start with a thorough inspection of the entire car to find out how severe are the damages caused by the hailstorm.

Once the inspection is over, they will start with repairing the major damages like windshield replacement. Then they will go ahead with the dent and scratch repairs, from the car body. They will start with the roof, then the hood, and then the body sides. If the dents are small, they can follow the paintless dent repair technique, wherein, there will be no painting involved. In such case, you can save a good amount of time and money, since this is a very inexpensive and quick repair process.

If the dents are more than the size of a full-grown coconut, then the mechanics will suggest a full dent repair that will also involve a paint job.

The hail damages are usually repaired using several specialized tools, while trained mechanics are engaged to deal with this kind of damages, since it requires special repair techniques. If the hail damages have spread into the inside parts of the car, it might then require part replacements.

Choosing the Right Repair Shop

Hail damages include dents, scratches, and affects the hood to the maximum. It can chip down the windshield as well. But not all auto body shops might have that line of mechanical experts who can handle all of these damages. So, you need to find a shop that is well-known for their work on hail damages.

As rightly said by a mechanic we know from the center for Hail damage repair in Hayden, before handing over your car to any auto body shop for a hail damage repair, one should not forget to check out if the said shop offer hail damage repair service and has earned a good reputation for this special treatment. Lastly, while receiving your car back after the hail damage repair, one must thoroughly inspect all the areas where there was a dent or a scratch. It is also strongly recommended to the car owners never to accept the car if you are dissatisfied with the repair work.