High quality, durable and dependable driving aids



With the advancement of technology, ever new high quality, reliable and easy to use driving aids have been introduced in the marketplace for the ease of use by people with disabilities and elderly person.  Nowadays people with limited mobility can get rid of the dependency on other and can ride their own wheelchair vehicle with confidence. Installing effective driving aids such as hand controls, steering aids, left foot gas pedal, high-tech driving controls, etc. can significantly enhance the safety, convenience and comfort. Always choose the right product from reputable manufacturer such as MPD, MPS, Sure-Grip, DriveMaster and Menox.

No more compromise

Reliable wheelchair vehicles dealers strive to provide best ever driving experience to their customers and hence deal with high quality wheelchair vehicles of all model such as full-size van, minivan, pick-up truck, SUV and converted car. For convenience of the customers the reputed dealers offer one stop solution for all wheelchair vehicles needs namely selling, service, install and rent. No one wants to compromise on their freedom of mobility and wheelchair vehicle is the best option. Choose the right driving aids as per your mobility needs, personal style and budget. Also consider the possible changes in your needs and disability in order to size up the best option for you.

Read the product details

Read the benefits, method of use, maintenance, warranty, etc. of each driving aids and then take informed decision. Consider few aspects like

  • Manual or electric hand control and model such as pull the control back, push down, or use a twist grip to accelerate, push it forward to brake, etc.
  • Transporting the wheelchair by lift or ramp
  • 4-way vs. 6-way, transfer seats
  • Steering aids such as spinner knobs, multi-function buttons, and gear shift and parking brake extensions
  • Accessories such as armrests, abduction wedge, four-point belts

Choose best vehicle

To reduce the chance of costly and time-consuming design revisions and repetitive installation of driving aid choose quality over price and ride confidently on road.