Get the best value and cheapest SUV: Dacia Duster


In the world of wheels, when it comes to giving motorists loads of cars for their money, Dacia is a champion. And the Duster family is the SUV, which cost just half the expense of the Seat Ateca or Skoda Karoq, and the Renault Kadjar is handsomely undercut. Last but not least, Dacia is Renault’s sister company and shares technologies with the popular French brand. Therefore, a lot of what underpins the Dacia Duster comes directly from Renault.

The Dacia Duster is an incredibly inexpensive SUV, wider than most rivals, but first-class versions are fitted with little facilities. The Dacia Duster selection is fairly flexible to satisfy the diverse demands of most families. And two or four-wheel drive is available, depending on which of the petrol and diesel engines you go for.

The Dacia Duster Car is a compact family SUV back-to-basics with chunky off-road styling and a fairly spacious interior. If you have a limited budget and want fuss-free family transportation, it’s the perfect alternative.

The Duster is slightly cheaper at the entry-level than any equally priced SUV option, but that’s because you hardly get any regular equipment-in the Access edition; there is no radio or air conditioning. The one you really want is the Comfort (skipping the spartan important version), and then for a still-reasonable sum of money, you get a well-equipped Duster.

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Visually, Dacia Duster Car would not mess with a winning recipe, but every panel is brand new. It looks very similar to the old Duster. With three-section LED daytime running lights, trademark rear lights, and a modern grille that blends to give it a sharp new appearance, it’s more appealing and more upmarket than ever.

With the fabrics’ consistency brought up a notch or two, more supportive seats, and a repositioned infotainment panel, the interior has also been given a slight makeover. It’s not the final word in luxury, and it’s not a particularly inspiring cabin either, but it’s hard to blame for the money.

This is also unbelievably spacious, with room for five individuals and boot space of up to 445 liters with their rear seats. Dacia has also upgraded the soundproofing, the electric power steering was improved, and keyless entry has been added to the higher trim levels.

So, not only because of the low price, this is a car you’d buy, but because it appeals in its own right. That’s quite a feat for an off-roader that, while at its most costly shape, costs less than £ 20,000.

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