Discover the hidden beauties of Geneva with your luxury car


Surrounded by three mountain chains, Geneva lies next to Geneva Lake and offers the unique experience of Switzerland. Being one of the most luxurious and pristine cities in the world, Geneva is famous for its sites, modern architecture, and nature-inspired life.

Why you should visit Geneva?

Geneva offers the optimal experience of Switzerland, with its amazing natural treasures, mountains, lake, and views. Along with modern infrastructure, business center, and lively nightlife. It has something for everyone.

Switzerland is known for delicious chocolate, flavorful vine, and cheese, so Geneva can be a gastronomical wonder waiting to be discovered. With its location next to the French border, they have been influenced by the multicultural scene and thus offer an unforgettable European taste of life.

How do I spend a day in Geneva?

Geneva is the second biggest city in Switzerland and the best idea for a proper visit to this amazing place is to go on a car ride and discover all the hidden beauties. Luxury car rental Geneva allows you to travel the streets in style and at your own pace (read also what to know when hiring a car rental service). There are many sights to be seen and some of the best ones are on the outskirts of the town, so being able to drive there will make it that easier to see all that Geneva has to offer.

In a gorgeous town such as this one, the opportunities are endless, but there are a few spots that everyone looking for a memorable trip should visit:

Geneva Old Town

Start your day with a ride to the Geneva Old Town and have a cup of refreshing coffee in one of many authentic cafes located in the maze-like streets. The Old Town is the opportunity to see the past times mixed with modern society. Architecture, museums, and galleries can be the perfect beginning of one day in Geneva.

Treille Promenade

While you are near the Old Town, take a short ride to the Treille Promenade or Promenade de la Treille, and enjoy the views from this magical place. There is the famous Geneva official chestnut tree which announces the springtime and the longest bench in the world to rest and admire nature.

Geneva botanical garden

The next hidden gem on the list is the Geneva botanical garden, often missed by travelers but also one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the busy city. It’s located near Lake Geneva and offers an amazing layout of several greenhouses.

Mont Salève

End your tour with a short ride to Mont Saleve and admire the view of the whole Geneva and Lake Geneva. Once you reach the top you can go paragliding, biking, or just soak in the sights. A perfect ending to one adventurous day in the luxurious Geneva.