Different Types of RV for your Need


When it comes to purchasing an RV, one should know about the different types available. Upon knowing about it, you can determine which is most suitable for you. Also, only after this, an individual can discuss price and get the best deals on RVs in Iowa. These motorhomes type include:

  • Diesel Class-A
  • Gas Class-A
  • Class-B
  • Class-C

These are the primary ones used by people. Have a look at these in detail!

  1. Diesel engine motorhome Class A

RVs in this category are manufactured using uniquely designed vehicle chassis. Its diesel engine is placed at the rear and offers more torque than gas-powered options. The position of its engine ensures that passengers can have a smooth and quite ride. These can be described as epitome of all luxury RVs available in market. Moreover, these are ideal for any long trip or a cross-country journey.

If an individual is planning to opt for full-time RV lifestyle, then these types are the perfect for them. In addition, diesel engine generally more durable and lasts longer than gas engines.

  1. Gas powered Class-A motorhomes

Similar to diesel ones, gas powered models also offers numerous comforts that one can get when inside one’s home. Hence, this is what makes them quite popular for people leading RV lifestyle on a full-time basis or who have been in this life for a long time.

Inside people will find several appliances that are found inside a house like microwaves, refrigerator, dryers, washers, etc. Moreover, it comes with superior electronics, master bathroom, designer furniture, and more. Additionally, many models often have full-length or multiple slide-outs that provides people with extra space.

People can also opt for extended trips as these come equipped with sufficient storage that can handle one’s personal belonging. The diesel and gas-powered versions looks like a bus, which has a length of 30 to 40 ft. roughly along with large windows in the front. This is the most used RV type and you can get it at a lower cost than diesel ones from the best RV dealer in Iowa.

  1. Class B versions

These are also known as camper van ut or B-Vans, which works as a home when on road for all adventurous people who has chosen the RV lifestyle. As its name suggests, this is built on chassis of vans and are equipped with gas or diesel engine, according to one’s preference.


They are often nimble and handle like any standard vehicle; hence, it is used for adventures on big cities to camping and more. People looking for off-road adventures often equip it with off-road components for exploring such area. It is ideal for a couple or solo traveller!

  1. Class C model

These are built of chassis of trucks, where it is available either in diesel or gas options. Its distinctive profile makes it easily recognizable and is manufactured by companies like Mercedes Benz, Ford, Chevy, etc. Moreover, these offer some similar amenities like Class A types but on smaller scale.

These are the major types one should know about before purchasing RVs. All you need now is book one after checking your requirement list!