Different Types of Bikes


Bikes are one of the most efficient modes of transportation across the world. They’re cheap, environmentally friendly, and highly useful to both commuters and tourists alike. So what are the different types of bikes? What are their driving mechanisms? And how do they differ from one another in size, weight, and price tags?

This article is a comprehensive guide to the different types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes, and BMX bikes. If you are planning to buy BMX bikes, then Allied Action Sports has BMX bikes in different sizes and their spare parts in-store.

For now, we will see into different types of bikes.

  • Road bikes

Road bikes are the most common type of bike. They are a great mode of transportation for commuters and tourists alike. These bikes are lightweight. They perform well on flat surfaces and have lightweight frames to reduce wind resistance.

  • Mountain bikes

A mountain bike is designed specifically for off-road use and has specially designed gears, suspension systems, wheels, frame geometry, and handlebars to help the rider tackle challenging terrains, such as dirt paths, rocks, and hills. These bikes have larger wheels than standard bikes and a more upright riding position.

  • Recumbent bikes

A recumbent bike is specially designed to help riders sit back at a 30-degree angle while they ride, which means that they are more comfortable on longer rides. These bikes are also designed to function in comfort and safety when ridden upright. They allow for great cardiovascular exercise and will go faster than other bikes because of the greater seat-to-handlebar distance between the rider’s feet and the pedals.

  • BMX bikes

BMX bikes are designed for teenagers, but they have evolved into versatile, cost-effective, and high-performance bikes. High-performance models are available with front and rear suspension features. These bikes have a relatively short wheelbase for extra stability.

  • Cruiser bikes

Cruiser bikes are designed for enjoyable explorations and leisurely rides around town. They typically have wide tires and a comfortable, upright riding position. Cruiser bikes also have a wide range of gears for increasing the number of speeds and riding options.

  • Touring bikes

Touring bikes are built for comfort on long rides that require the rider to carry gear. They usually have a heavy frame, as well as wheels that are slightly wider than most other bike models to help them travel over rough terrain without difficulty. These bikes also come with luggage racks on the front and back to help the rider carry gear.