Common Causes And Symptoms Of Piston Ring Failures


In the machinery industry, the invention of diesel engines in the 1800s proved to be one of the most valuable discoveries that we continue to use today. And now, not only is it used for machinery, but also in manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation.

It is a big help for the said industries because it offers better fuel economy, way better than other gasoline counterparts. This is why diesel engines need regular maintenance to make diesel power performance keep up with the long-term and heavy-duty use like towing and long-distance travel. Among all its parts, one should closely give attention to the piston rings of a diesel engine.

Uses of Piston Rings

 Piston rings are part of the diesel piston system that makes the engine run smoothly. First is the compression ring that seals the inside of the combustion chamber and keeps it airtight to prevent gas leakage and fuel consumption problems. Should an exhaust gas penetrate the compression ring, the second ring or wiper ring will prevent it from leaking to other piston parts. Last is the oil control ring, which ensures that there is only enough oil in the chamber walls.

Causes of Piston Ring Failures

 Piston rings go through enormous pressure to make the engine function well. So, here is a list of failures that piston rings might experience.

Inaccurate Assembly

 Like any other equipment, poorly assembled will mean failure in performing what it is designed to complete, and the same is true with piston rings. Some reasons for badly formed piston rings are inadequate compression and damage in the installation process. If you are keen on checking it, there will be a noticeable bend on the damaged side of the ring when it fails.

Damage in Oil Control Ring

 Should there be an appreciable or unusual amount of oil consumption in the oil control ring, expect damage, usually because o damaged or low-quality rings.


 It is always expected that dirt particles and poor soil quality are fuel contamination. A car owner must never forget that pistons rings can also wear down due to continuous use—the reason why regular maintenance is necessary.

Inadequate filtration may cause dirt to mix with gas that interrupts the combustion chamber, decreasing the rings’ lifespan.

Learning about piston rings will help a car owner better care of the diesel engine. And if you want to learn more, check out this infographic by Pure Diesel Power.

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