CDL 1000 Offers Exceptional Freight Management And Efficient Loading Solutions 


Freight management helps organizations send their product to desired customers as per requirements and in an organized way. And, in this sector, CDL 1000 is making a huge mark. With Automated Street Turn matching technology, now drayage trucking companies could street turn their cargo and increase the load from 50% to 80%. All, this could be done with custom purposed artificial intelligence. This solution is way more convenient and not to forget affordable for all kinds of organizations from small to big.

With this technology of matching import and export, the company would be saving the industry about 20 billion in just the United States alone and almost 40 billion all over the world. 

What Happens With Street-Turn?

With street-turn as formed by CDL1000, the app would help truckers to have miles which would generate more revenue, and owners could increase the container and therefore be hassle-free and increase efficiency. Also, the shippers save a lot by paying less than what they would if the containers return to the rail and the port empty.


What Are The Benefits Of Street-Turns?

    • Increases the truckload and less empty trips. 
    • It helps in returning the load efficiently to the port or ramp quicker. 
    • It helps in decreasing the demurrage exposure as well as minimization of detention. 
    • When your trips are much more efficient. You get the chance to reduce the total costs as well. With ground freight transportation of containers, the costs are reduced whether from port to rail, warehouse, or ramp. 
    • Also, when there are fewer empty trips to the port, one would be reducing wait time, there would be less fuel consumption, fewer port delays, and any fees. 
    • Also, with loaded miles, drivers can work efficiently and you could even use the rest of the time for more loaded miles.

With artificial intelligence offered by CDL 1000, you can easily predict the demands for export and import and matching algorithms and run miles with the drivers you have, and increase productivity. 

CDL 1000 offers some ground breaking solutions for all the challenges that everyday organizations and truck drivers are going through. The company offers some brilliant freight transportation and warehouse operations so that everything could go smoothly.

The app is super friendly and the driver app is the secret to online tracking. It also saves time in terms of drive time. CDL 1000 will track the shipment and rate the drivers too depending on various factors. Also, drivers get the advantage of pre-planning loads for themselves. Enjoy the various benefits that are offered by the website and the app.