An Overview On The Main Parts Of A Car Braking System


An effectively working braking system is an integral part of a car as the entire safety of the vehicle and its passengers rely on it. So, it is very important all the parts associated with this system are in proper working condition.

Your car’s braking system consists of the following parts:

  • Brake pedal is the thing that you push to activate the brakes. This causes the smooth flow of brake fluid across the system in order to pressurize the brake pads. The brake pedal design is created in such a manner that it multiplies the force that you give, several times even before the force gets transmitted to brake fluid. In short, this renders an instantaneous control on the brakes when they are applied and released.
  • Brake master cylinder is a plunger that the brake pedal activates. This holds the brake fluid that’s forced through the brake lines, once activated. The brake master cylinder originally converts the pedal pressing force into a hydraulic force which then pressurizes the hydraulic brake fluid in a brake line and hoses network. Lastly, this force is transferred to all four tyres, creating friction between the brake pads and the disc brake rotors in order to stop the car.
  • Brake lines are usually made of steel and they carry the brake fluid to the wheels from the master cylinder when pressure is given to stop the vehicle.
  • Rotors or drums against which the brake pads are rubbed, creating friction to stop the car.
  • Wheel cylinders are connected to the brake pads and they either squeeze (disc brakes) or push (drum brakes) the brake pads as fluid flows through them.
  •  Brake pads are those parts that rub against the rotors or drums when the brake is applied. They are made of highly composite materials and are intended to last for many miles (almost thousands of miles to be precise).
  • The brake booster is an important component of the braking system that increases the pressure applied by the brake pedal through a hydraulic pump. Without it, the brakes would be hard and wouldn’t function properly.

In this way, the brake system plays a very crucial role in a car and one must invest in only high-quality brake parts. In this regard, cross drilled brake parts are known for their reasonable prices and best quality.