Amazing car rental tips for all you first-timers


More and more people are choosing to rent a car just to avoid the trouble and hassle of buying and maintaining a vehicle you own. Besides, often people also prefer to rent a car when they are traveling to another city or to a foreign country to avoid using public transportation. Whatever you reason to rent your first car might be, it is absolutely essential to understand the crucial aspects and some pro tips for renting a vehicle.

These tips for first-time renters will help you not only find the best car deal but also ensure you have a fantastic time enjoying the experience of driving the ride of your choice.

Let’s look at some pro tips!

Avoid airport rental counters

A lot of pro-car renters who travel frequently will tell you to avoid renting your ride from counters at the airport. It might offer you the most convenience, renting the vehicle right after walking out of the airport and drive away to the hotel. But, more often than not, car rentals at the airport charge you higher rates than the local companies.

When you are traveling to a new city or country, we want to cut back on unnecessary costs. You can save extra charges by renting your ride from local renting service providers. You can take a shuttle from the airport to your hotel and then find your rental car.

Do you really need insurance?

We all value our safety the most, and insurance of any kind is one of the ways we cover ourselves from possible incidents or accidents. The same is the case with car rental insurance. If you happen to rent a car in Dubai, you will be offered a standard insurance package along with your renter’s contract. Hence, make sure you understand the terms, and you agree to them before signing the contract. Some rental companies may give you the option to get insurance or not, and some might make it a prerequisite to rent their vehicle. Whatever the situation may be, make sure to make an informed decision.

Use the right card

Staying informed about everything gives you a lot of advantages. The more data you gather, the better chance you will have at negotiating the best deal for yourself. For example, some rental companies offer special discounts on using a particular credit or debit card, and if you have this information, you can use it for your benefits. Besides, some specific membership cards and credit card companies also provide renter’s insurance or offer a discount on it. Make sure to double-check from both involved companies and confirm if the promotional offer is still running and applicable in your case.

Get the homework

The deal you find and your overall rental experience highly depends on how well you can look up information online. Most car rental companies these days have websites where you can find all the information you can need. From the car models, styles, and brands they have available for rent to the rates they charge for different categories of vehicles, all this data is just a few clicks away from you. So, either you rent a car in Dubai or elsewhere, make sure to get your homework done before signing the papers.

If you rent a car in Dubai or wherever you live, you can even visit their outlet, check the vehicle you are about to rent in advance, or you can also rent online using their website.

Check out the reviews

A lot of times, the feedback from previous and existing customers of the rental company will tell you everything you should know about the service provider. The information you get from reviews gives you a glimpse of how your experience is going to be with the rental. You can look up client reviews on the rental company’s website, online forums, and car rental third-party listings. Make sure you look up enough reviews that help you find the right service provider for your needs.

Reviews will tell you a lot about a rental company such as if they charge any hidden fees, how accommodating they are, and how the renters found their cars.

Go with one driver

As you rent a car in Dubai and most of the other cities across the world, you notice that many of these service providers allow one authorized driver. This means only one person will be allowed to drive the rental car, whose name will be mentioned in the contract, and who will be needed to submit documents like driving license.

But, some of the rental companies also allow customers to add more people into their list of authorized drivers, again it means all the people on the list can now legally drive the ride. However, you may have to pay an additional fee for every new driver. Hence, unless it is absolutely necessary to go with one driver.

Think twice about add-ons

Often, the car rental company will provide your extra features like the rental add-ons—for example, a baby seat, GPS, advanced music system, and a navigation system. Unlike basic features like air-conditioner, mobile charger port, and USB port, you have to pay an additional fee for these add-ons. In case you happen to travel with a baby and decided to get a baby seat when you rent a car in Dubai, make sure to double-check with your rental about the charges for the seat. It might be a better alternative to get your own baby seat or a portable GPS device if you own one. This way, you can save an unnecessary cost.

Wrap up

Car rental services are gaining popularity all around the world. However, there still many people who are going to experience a rental drive for the first time. If you know how to find the best car rental deal, what questions to ask, how to do research, and some pro tips, you can for sure enjoy your first rental experience to the fullest. Hence make sure you understand and practice the fantastic, above-mentioned rental tips, especially for all the first-timers.

Enjoy driving!

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