Hair Removal Treatment for Men

If you think shaving and removing unwanted hair is just for the ladies, well I bet that you are wrong. In the world that we are living today, there are also men who wanted to lose of those excess and unwanted hairs.

For some men, the more hair that they have, the more manly they become but in reality, some men already think that these excess hair is annoying and that removal of them is one of the best choice to get rid of it even only temporary.

What are the body parts that men want to remove their excess hair?

One of the common body parts that men want their hair to be shaved away would be their beard or mustache areas.

Let us admit it that not all men look good with a beard. Even their girlfriends or wives would not want them to grow bush around the area of their mouth. It is also not hygienic to see a thick beard or mustache that is on the face of men.

Thus most men prefer to shave their beards and mustaches.

Another area of hair that some men would like to be removed is their hair that is bridging their eyebrows or in other words, their unibrow.

Compared to women, a lot of men experience having a unibrow and they admit that they don’t like it. Like their beards, they also want to remove this hair on their part of their body.

Third on the list would be their pubic hair. Since as one grows old, the amount and volume of pubic hair increases, it would appear to be quite not hygienic if one does not trim the bush down there.

Some men believe that they have to trim it. Aside from making it look clean, some men also believe that it would create an illusion that the length of their penis would look longer.

Hair Removal Treatments for Men

Both men and women can experience the same method of hair removal of unwanted hair. The most common method for men, and probably the easiest and less painful for them to do is through shaving.

Most men shave their beards and also their pubic hair. The only problem that men encounter with shaving is the post-shaving part.

The new hair that would grow on the shaved area would then become thicker and more annoying to look at. Thus this would usually entail them to shave more often than usual.

Waxing for Men

waxingMen could also undergo waxing and this could be easier down for their unibrow. But some men don’t like the idea of this since it can be painful and would make the remaining skin look red and tender.

But if a man would like to prevent shaving often, he could undergo a waxing treatment instead. There are waxing salons that would cater the needs of men and that if it is done by an expert, it would usually cause less pain.

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Triggers that Worsen Rosacea Flares

If you think you are suffering from an adult type of acne for a long time, you better think twice.

For adults, there is another type of skin condition that may mimic acne but when treated with anti-acne medications, it would not go away. If you can relate with this kind of condition, you might be suffering the condition that is quite similar to acne called Rosacea.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic condition of the skin that makes you look red for most of the time.

Aside from looking blushed and red for most of the time like you had a sunburn, small red bumps are also present in the reddened area and sometimes they could be prominent around the chin and jaw.

In some cases, you can even see the blood vessels surfacing the skin and promoting more redness to it.

For most people with Rosacea, their skin would usually appear red after they washed it, went on an exercise or by simply drinking soda. So if you have experienced these conditions, you probably have the said skin condition.

What are the triggers of Rosacea?

Rosacea, unlike acne, is not triggered by environmental factors that may lead to clogged pores but the environmental factors would directly trigger the face to look red.

  1. Sun Exposure – one of the most prominent triggers of Rosacea would be exposure to the sun as this would cause dilatation of the blood vessels due to its warmth making the skin look red. This is also the most common trigger as experienced by approximately 81% of the people who have this condition.
  2. Temperature and Weather – another important factor for Rosacea would be the extreme temperature and weather. Whether it is too warm or too cold, this would cause a person’s skin to flush and look red. It is also best to avoid warm baths, sauna and other sources of heat since they are the most potent cause of Rosacea breakout.
  3. hot soupFood – unlike acne that is not truly triggered by the food items that you eat, Rosacea can be caused by a number of food items. On the list are spicy food, hot soup, broad leaf beans and pods such as lima, navy or pea, dairy products, chocolate, fruits high in citrus, foods high in histamine such as cheese as this could cause an allergic response that may lead to the reddening of the face.
  4. Beverages – some say that chronic alcohol abuse can cause Rosacea but this is not actually true. But if you already have the condition, then drinking alcohol and other soda beverage is not healthy for you since it may cause your condition to worsen more.
  5. Skin Care Products and Cosmetics – if you are already diagnosed with Rosacea, it would be best if you are careful with the skin products that you choose since your skin is now sensitive to whatever you put on it. Consult your dermatologist for the type of skin care products and cosmetics that you may use on your skin.

The Many Benefits of HGH Supplements

With the popularity of the many weight-lifting supplements in the market these days, to say that more people have become fascinated with having bulging muscles or six-pack abs would be an understatement.

Among the many supplements that help people develop the muscles that they wish to have, there is no denying that protein shake is one of the really popular.

After all, these protein shakes don’t only develop one’s muscles; they are delicious, filling, and satisfying, too. However, apart from protein shakes, one type of supplement that is really popular among fitness enthusiasts these days is HGH supplements.

HGH Aids in Protein Synthesis

Without question, one of the primary reasons why HGH supplements are a hit to many fitness enthusiasts is that they aid in the synthesis of protein.

After a heavy workout such as weightlifting, the muscles are torn or strained. If one takes HGH supplements, amino acid, the building block or proteins, will fill the gaps between the strained muscle tissues.

Eventually, this will result to the growth of bigger muscles. Hence, it is not really surprising why a lot of people these days are into HGH supplements.

HGH Metabolizes Body Fat and Converts It to Energy

However, it has also been discovered that HGH supplements are not only good at promoting the growth of new muscle tissues; they can be used by people who wish to lose weight and develop lean muscles, too.

Research has suggested that these supplements are also good at metabolizing body fat and convert it to usable energy.

Hence, those who take it can easily lose weight as they burn more fat. But, of course, for them to achieve it, they need to have a healthy diet, too.

HGH Improves Sexual Performance

HGH Improves Sexual PerformanceBut, do you know that there is another benefit of HGH supplements? It has been reported that people who take these supplements have improved sexual importance.

It could be due to the enhanced body metabolism. But, whatever it is that is responsible for this effect of HGH supplements, there is no denying that it is a welcome icing on the cake.

So, if you have long wanted to have lean muscles or lose weight, never hesitate to go for HGH supplements; you don’t only improve your physique, but you also satisfy your partner in bed, too.

HGH Supplements Make the Bones Strong, Too

But, wait. The benefits of HGH supplements are not only limited to the things discussed above.

Do you know that research has also proven that HGH supplements can make the bones stronger, too? Yes, they do. Hence, it’s not only the muscles that they build; they build stronger bones as well.

There is no denying, HGH supplements are the best supplements that you need for a leaner, muscular, and healthy you.

With the many brand of bodybuilding supplements that are sold in the market these days, people are easily helped in looking good by developing lean muscles and losing weight.

However, because of the many benefits of HGH supplements, there is no denying that they are the best bodybuilding supplements that you should go for.

Common Factors that Worsen Acne

Acne is considered to be one of the top diseases that is troubling both men and women. Its appearance starts during puberty since this is the time where the hormones are crazily raging up and down.

For most of the times, the appearance of acne could be due to the instability of the sex hormones such as the testosterone.

If you are lucky, your acne would soon disappear after your puberty. But for some people, their acne would usually last up to adulthood and could be a cause of emotional problems in the future.

Acne Formation

There are a lot of speculations on how acne is formed but what most people do not know are that there is only one process of acne formation and this usually involves three things: clogged pore, overproduction of sebum and bacteria.

Therefore, people who have oily skin would usually produce more oil than the usual. If their skin pores are blocked due to dirt, this would block the output of the oil and could attract the bacterium that is responsible for acne.

The presence of the bacteria would usually be manifested by the redness that surrounds the acne.

Factors that Trigger Acne Formation

When asked, a person can give a lot of reasons on why acne occurs. They probably based it on what they heard from their peers or from their elders. Some even base their reasons on their experience.

But in reality, there are only a few factors that really contribute to acne formation.

  • Pressure

Some people’s acne are due to the pressure that they get from resting their faces on their hands, the strap on their helmets, collars or anything that could pressure on the skin. For this type of factor, usually acne would concentrate on a localized area of the skin.

  • Drugs

There are certain drugs that can aggravate the presence of acne. One common drug is prednisone, a steroidal and anti-inflammatory drug. Also those drugs that contain iodide, bromide, lithium and other steroid could also help in worsening of a person’s acne.

  • Occupation

Since acne could be sometimes due to an allergic and inflammatory reaction to an environmental toxin, a person’s occupation could also be a cause of an acne breakout.

For those people who have acne-prone skin, working in the oil industry would worsen the acne more. If you are also frequently exposed to dust and smoke, it would be best to always keep your face clean to prevent clogging up of pores.

  • Cosmetics

cosmeticsAnother source of acne that may induce clogging of the pores would be cosmetics. Some make-up brands are skin specific and may not be totally healthy for a person to use.

This type of acne usually comes in comedogenic forms which mean the skin would predominantly show blackheads and whiteheads.

By stopping the use of the cosmetic product, it will help in the clearing out of the comedones and eventually restoring the skin back to normal.

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Scar Formation and Removal

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is also the most delicate and easily affected when there are changes around its environment or any contact that comes near it.

Most people take care of their skin so much because it is the first thing that people notice about us. However, as we grow older, one cannot remove the fact that the skin can easily be hurt by trauma or any internal factors.

An example of trauma would be due to external factors such as bruises and other types of cuts. While for the internal factors, this would include blemishes such as acne or other types of diseases that affects the skin such as chickenpox or measles.

Truly, as one grows older, it is inevitable that one would really acquire skin blemishes and problems.

The end point of these blemishes would more or less result to scarring. The scar that is left behind is usually difficult to remove and would stay on the skin for months or even years!

Why do scars take a long time to disappear in adults?

It is known that the presence of a scar on the skin is due to the repair mechanism of the skin when it encounters trauma.

Thus a scar is actually a temporary patch of skin that could either stay there for a long time or it could disappear in a few weeks or months.

The main reason why a scar is healed is due to the growth hormones and factors that affect the skin cells on this area.

These growth factors would stimulate the skin around the affected area to produce new and healthy skin cells and shed off the dead and unhealthy ones.

In children and teens, the amount of growth hormone being secreted and produced by the brain is still high thus scarring would easily resolve.

However, the amount of growth hormone slowly decreases as one grows older thus in adults, healing of a scar would usually take time.

Treatment of Different Types of Scars

There are three main treatments for scars and the treatment of choice would usually depend on the type of scar you are having.

  1. Gels and CreamsGels and Creams – if you have a mild and fresh scar, over-the-counter products such as creams and gels are usually the treatment of choice. These gels and creams are perfect if your scar is not too deep since they are able to penetrate the upper surface of the skin thus scar healing would be faster and more localized.
  2. Steroid Injection – if you had a scar since childhood and it is still prominent up to the present in the form of a keloid, then a steroid injection would be the best option for you. These steroid injections help in the minimizing of the bulge of a scar making it flat and less noticeable in the future.
  3. Surgery – for big patches of scars, then probably surgery is the best option. Through invasive or laser surgery, your scar treatment would more rapid and it gives you a result of less noticeable scar in the future.

Hair Removal Techniques for Women

A lot of women are struggling with unwanted hair such as the hair on the armpits, arms, legs, pubic area, brows and many more!

What is more problematic for them is to choose which hair removal technique that is most effective and that would not require them to remove the hair as often as they have to.

So below are the common methods that women can perform in order to remove their unwanted hair.

  • Shaving

Shaving the hair is probably the easiest and fastest way to remove hair. By being able to use a proper razor and a good shaving cream, you will probably yield a smooth and soft skin after you shave.

However, shaving has a lot of disadvantages. Frequent shaving could usually cause darkening of the skin especially of the armpits.

It could also make the hair grow thicker and fast thus if you opt to shave, you will be finding yourself shaving more often than you think you have to.

  • Plucking

Young woman plucking her eyebrows with tweezersAnother type of hair removal technique would be through plucking. One advantage of this is that it would ensure you that the growth of new hair would not be as fast as when you do shaving.

The only downside to this technique is that it would take a long time before you finish plucking. It is also quite difficult to do it by yourself so most girls would have to go to a salon or have a friend of theirs to do this.

  • Threading

Threading is a recent technique being used by salons and is usually used when trying to shape the eyebrows. By using this technique, one would usually do not have to repeat it as often as shaving.

The only downside is that it is being done by experts and sometimes, it would cost you money since you have to go to the salon for this.

  • Waxing

For greater hair coverage such as the armpits or the pubic hair, waxing would probably the more desired option.

There are two types of waxes, the hot or cold wax, but both of them are both effective in removing unwanted hair.

There are waxing salons that do this but you can also wax at the convenience of your very own homes. Just make sure you follow the instructions very well. Also you have to take extra precaution when handling hot wax since it may burn your skin if not performed well.

  • Laser Therapy

For permanent hair removal, laser therapy would usually be the option of choice.

However this technique is quite costly and is only being done in the clinics of dermatologist and facial salons since handling with laser is very dangerous and must only be handles by an expert.

But the results are promising since these targets your hair follicles and prevent it from going on cell division and the growth of new hair follicles. The price for laser hair therapy usually depends on the body coverage that you wish to include.

Subtype of Rosacea and their Treatment

If you are suffering from what you think a chronic adult-onset acne condition, then you may again have to think twice.

If you have tried treating your acne with acne creams and other acne treatment methods but still have no success, then what you probably have is not acne but another skin condition that is similar to it that is called Rosacea.

rosaceaRosacea is a skin condition that brings about chronic redness on your face. Aside from the redness and flushed looking face, some people also experience red bumps on the skin making it look like an acne breakout.

Rosacea can be triggered by factors similar to acne but unlike acne, it does not create a clog pore and bacteria inflammation. Rosacea is simply a dilatation of the blood vessels due to environmental factors that may let the skin appear to be red.

Subtypes of Rosacea

Since the symptom of Rosacea looks broad, the dermatologists were able to classify it into four different types. This classification is important since it can help in the management of Rosacea.

But it is also important to take note that these types of Rosacea can overlap one another.

Subtype 1: Facial Redness

The first and the mildest subtype of Rosacea would be the subtype 1 that manifests as facial redness.

The symptoms of this subtype would usual include redness of the face that is accompanied by visible blood vessels and the feeling of a stinging and burning pain. In some cases, swelling is also evident.

This subtype is quite difficult to treat. Thus in if you believe that your rosacea is still in this condition, the best management would be by identifying the environmental trigger that would cause the blood vessel to dilate and cause redness of the face.

The most common trigger for this subtype is the sunlight thus it would be best to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen to prevent subtype 1 rosacea.

Subtype 2: Bumps and Pimples

On this subtype, aside from the redness of the skin, there are also skin bumps and pimples that are present.

There is no wonder why this subtype is often mistaken for a moderate or severe type of acne. Using acne medication would be of no help for this subtype.

What doctors recommend for this subtype of rosacea is either oral or a topical rosacea therapy that may help in the reduction of the bumps and pimples and the redness as well.

Subtype 3: Skin Thickening

On the third subtype of rosacea, there is already a prominent thickening of the skin. There is an excess tissue that is due to the inflammation and is prominent on the nose. Through surgery and ablation techniques, this subtype can be easily treated.

Subtype 4: Eye Irritation

This subtype is probably the most severe form since it would already involve the eyes making it look red and irritated. Aside from the skin treatment for Rosacea, eye drops and antibiotic treatment must be now taken in to reduce the swelling and redness of the eyes.

Is HGH Good for You?

With the constant research, it is not really surprising why people these days have a lot of choices in terms of supplements that can help them improve their physique.

Apart from the many weight-loss products that have been proven to effective at helping someone lose weight, the market is also teeming with many supplements that promise the consumers to be packed with muscles that they desire.

HGH SupplementsAnd, among the many muscle-building supplements that can really be depended upon, there is no denying that HGH supplements are some of the really popular and trusted by many.

HGH Supplements Aid in the Development of Muscle Tissues

Just like the equally popular protein shakes, HGH supplements are also dependable in developing the muscle tissues. After a heavy workout, the muscle strands are stretched and torn.

For these torn muscle strands to be repaired, one needs protein. This is where HGH supplements come as help because HGH supplements aid in the production of amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

With the abundance of amino acid, more protein tissues are produced. The growth of this new protein tissues repair the torn muscles and, likewise, fill the gaps between the stretch muscles.

This gives rise to newer and bigger muscles that give someone the lean bulges that he desires.

HGH Supplements Enable Someone to Lose Weight

However, HGH supplements are not only known for promoting the growth of new muscles. A conducted research has proven that HGH supplements can also enable one to lose weight.

This is because HGH has the property to convert the body fat to energy as it increases the metabolism of the body.

Thanks to this, a person who takes HGH supplements can have more energy and engage in more physical activities. Because of the increased physical activities, one can more body fat.

So, in effect, as person builds the muscles, he loses weight. This is the reason why people who take HGH supplements look lean but muscular.

Improves Sexual Performance

It has also been discovered that HGH supplements don’t only improve the physique of those people who take them.

Based on a study, those who use HGH have improved their libido and performance in bed. This is definitely an additional perk of the product.

Hence, people who take this supplement for bodybuilding, especially those who have a problem with their sexual performance, no longer need to buy a male or female enhancement product because their problem can be solved by products that contain HGH.

With the constantly growing fascination of people for a body that is lean and muscular, it is not really surprising why more and more people have been enticed to go for HGH supplements.

After all, more and more people have attested that HGH has really done wonders not only to their physique but to their overall health, too.

If you have long wanted to look lean and muscular, there should no longer be dilly-dallying on your part to try these HGH products. Without question, these supplements are good for you.

Myths on Acne

Acne is a common problem being faced by teens and even adults. Its onset begins during the teenage years which normally coincides a person entering the pubertal years.

For most, the acne is worse during the teenage years and slowly disappears as one enters the adolescent years. But this doesn’t mean that it is gone for long since it may once again appear in the later stages of life.

There are many reasons why acne breakout occurs. The main endpoint of all the factors for acne formation would usually be due to an increase in oil production and clogged pores.

A person’s skin pore may be clogged usually due to dirt or dead skin cells. The increase in oil production of the skin can be mainly attributed to the hormones that are produced in the body. Therefore, when these two come in play, acne would surely be produced.

Even if you get to hear a lot of different ideas to prevent acne formation, a lot of these are not actually true.

In order to clear the minds of most people, below are the common myths that are being considered true by most people worldwide.

  • Acne is only for teens.

Since the onset of acne begins during teenage years this does not mean that only teens would have it. According to statistics, a number of adults are still problematic with their acne even if they are in their 30s, 40s and even 50s!

The only difference is that in adults, the acne appears worse. Thus being an adult is not an excuse to not to have acne.

  • Eating chocolates and drinking soda can cause acne.

chocolateThis is probably a very controversial cause of acne because anywhere you go, people will tell you that chocolates are not good for the skin.

According to Dermatologists, there is no scientific evidence that will prove that food stuff such as chocolates and other oily food products could cause acne. Drinking soda and coffee also do not aggravate a person’s acne.

  • You get acne because you are not washing enough.

Since acne is usually due to hygienic causes, many believe in the idea that by washing the face often (this means more than twice a day), is the appropriate way to cure acne. But this practice is not supported by experts.

The facial cleansers are there to wash your skin from dirt and dead skin cells. The more you wash your face, the more tendencies that you can irritate it due to frequent micro exfoliation.

This irritated state of your skin would now predispose your skin to develop acne. Washing twice a day with a proper facial cleanser is indeed just enough.

  • Don’t wear make-up if you have a breakout.

The key to this myth is to pick the right make-up. Indeed there are some make-up products such as liquid foundation and thick application of a cosmetic would truly aggravate acne.

But some products like the mineral-based ones and lose powder do can still be used to cover your skin during acne breakouts.

Scar Removal: Treatment Options for White Scars

Scar formation is an inevitable process of the human body. Even if the appearance of a scar is not totally appealing especially for women, its presence still indicates that the body is still functioning well.

The formation of a scar after the skin has been traumatized due to injury or other factors is the body’s mechanism of healing the skin.

This repair mechanism aims to provide a temporary fix on the injured area to prevent creating an infection that may create a more problematic scenario in the future.

Two Major Types of Scars

There are a lot of different factors that may induce the formation of a scar but despite the cause, there could be two major types of scars that could be formed.

The more common one would be the hyperpigmented scars or the scars that would appear darker than the normal color of the skin. This is the more common type of scar hence it is also the type of scars that most of the beauty products are trying to treat.

The other type of scar appearance due to color would be the hypopigmented scars. As opposed to the first mentioned, this type of scar appears to be lighter than the surrounding skin. Sometimes it is less prominent but it is still somehow important to treat these scars.

Thus below are the different types of treatment approaches when it comes to treating hypopigmented scars.

  • Laser Treatments

Since hypopigmented scars are more difficult to treat than the hyperpigmented ones, one of the first line approaches of treating it is through laser treatments.

What the laser treatment does is to injure again the scar tissue that was formed so that it would trigger the formation of a new and healthy skin.

It is important that this technique must be done by a dermatologist in order to avoid complications in the future.

  • Scar Revision Treatment

This type of approach would be more appropriate for scars that are bigger in size. What the dermatologist would do in this technique is to alter or change the shape of the scar to make it look less visible and less annoying on the skin.

After that, it could then be subjected to other treatments so that the scar would be totally reduced in size and appearance.

  • Chemical Peel

chemical peelThe chemical peel treatment almost has a similar mechanism with the laser treatment.

But instead of providing injury on the scar to promote growth of a healthy batch of skin cells, it would create a light peel on top of the scar by using a chemical.

This type of treatment is less costly but requires a couple of sessions before the results would be apparent.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

Lastly, for the scars that appear to be just light and less prominent in appearance, then probably the Aloe Vera Gel would be the best treatment of option for you.

The gel serves as a mechanism of increasing the growth of new cells to increase the healing time of the hypopigmented scars.